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The tecnical school in Luweero offer different skills. Here we present the skills and how the study will go.


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Start 2017, 

Masons (bricklayers) build and repair houses, walls and decorative stonework. They might also refurbish brickwork and masonry on restoration projects. If you enjoy doing practical things and you are interested in construction, this could be the perfect job for you.

To become a mason, you will need to be able to read plans. You’ll also need to be able to work in a well organised way.


The study goes over a period of four years and lead to an exam that gives the Journeyman´s Certificate.


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Overview over the study


You can find how the program for the Technical school is organised from here.

Introduction weeks

Introduction program starts in 2017.


Introduction program for the skills: Mason.

Apply on the Internet. Deadline for application will be anounced

A maximum of 50 students can follow the introduction program. The program last four weeks. The students attending the introduction program compete for the further study. 

The introduction weeks are the first weeks of the full time study that last 1-4 years. The Introduction weeks are mandatory for all students that attend The Nobel Knowledge Building program.


Work at the technical school? Please register yourself and ask for the pasword to check the posibilities.


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