Primary School

Talk with the manager of the school if you want your kid to attend Good Will Academy Primary School in Bewyale.

Technical Vocational School

Technical vocational school in Luweero.

Click here for more about the program.

Application will be announced for the introduction to the program for Bricklayers.

Professional Skilled Worker:

Get Journeyman´s Certificate.


For study at the technical school in Luweero, follow the updated information we publish on this page or send us request (


First term study for Bricklayers: September 2016.


Will you learn more about bricklaying? Go to our blog.


You can make a donation to our project or school and this will help us secure the education, care and support of Ugandan children. The fund you donate will reach the children and youths.


We are not depending on regular donations, however, the situation for the children can be better and the schools can be built faster.


A donations can cover everyday running expenses e.g salaries for teachers, carers, school nurses, accountant, rent, electricity, water, food and other expenses.

You can buy a pencil, a desk, a classroom, or a school. Your contribution is the big hand needed to skill Uganda.


We need professional Bricklayers from a developed country that can teach and train the students. Short term (1-3 months), no salary, free stay.




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