Have I found the best project manager?

March 23, 2016

What skill does a project manager need? How can I find the person I need? 


There are many views of what you can expect from a project manager. People working in the field and offer training for project managers are coming up with different solutions. They can make a list of what is the needed skills. Under I have two examples of this kind of lists: 


The first example is from a blog where the author have pointed out six skills for the project manager. He writes that his short list of six must-have skills for project managers are (Cesar Abeid at THE LIQUIDPLANNER BLOG 7.4.15):




Team management


Personal organisation

Risk management



In that blog, some people have commented and added on another skill: “Knowledge of using software”. When we add on that, we get a list of seven must-have skill for a project manager.


The second example is also form a blog. Timothy R. Barry launched some time back a top 10 qualities of a project manager. (Project Smart ). He ask what qualities are most important for a project leader to be effective. Below are the top 10 in rank order according to his list:


  • Inspires a Shared Vision

  • Good Communicator

  • Integrity

  • Enthusiasm

  • Empathy

  • Competence

  • Ability to Delegate Tasks

  • Cool Under Pressure

  • Team-Building Skills

  • Problem Solving Skills


These two examples have pointed out some of the same skills like communication. On the other side, the lists are focusing on very different kind of skills. If we look at the skills they have pointed out, we can recognize that the lists of skills are subjects you rear will find on a school syllabus. All this skills are either something given a person as a natural gift or something the person have trained somewhere else than in the school.


So how can I find this person to my project? The project is complicated. The project needs the best person. NKB needs the best project manager. 


The project manager for the project is good in communication. He has a great network. He is enthusiastic and good in negotiation. No other skills on the lists are that visible. Have I found the best project manager?






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