Secondary school level, overview:

  • Skilled worker assistant (Tec 1 Diploma, Skilled Assistant Certificate)

  • Certified skilled worker Uganda level (Tec 2 national Diploma/Tec3 Diploma, Journeyman`s Certificate)

  • Certified skilled worker European level (Tec 4 Certificate, European Journeyman`s Certificate)

The program require one year for each Tec level. To continue from one level to the next, the student needs to pass all required tests.

Progression in the study:

  • Tec 1 – one year

  • Tec 2 – one year

  • Tec 3 – two years

  • Tec 4 – one – two years

Requirement to start at the Tec 1

A student needs to meet the following requirements to start on full study on Tec 1.

  1. Want practical skills. Wish to learn practical skills and want to certificate the skills. Have done practical work before starting at Tec 1

  2. Theoretical skills from the school.

If the student does not meet the requirements in 1), the next step will be the requirements in 2) and so on.

  • Passed all exams from lover secondary (national test)

  • Pass tests set up for students that want to start on Tec 1

  • Follow the pre-Tec 1 training

General for all levels:

For all levels, there are a combination of four main subjects:

Practical work

The main subject area is concerned with practical training in all skills, using the tools and the materials.

Theoretical studies

The theoretical studies include knowledge about the material and the work. It also include Mathematic, English language, Reading and Writing and Computer skills, and Sports


A part of the practical training is ordinary production. The production will be carried out at the campus and around in the country where relevant work as to be done.

Trade studies

The study include trade and business skills relevant for the main subject. This include finding high quality and environmental friendly material and making calculation that make a business sustainable.

Technical Vocational Education, Luweero

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