Application Technical School Introduction program

Deadline for application will be announced. Application on Internet only.

Who can apply?  -  Where to apply?

Practical information

The cost for applying is 6 000 Ugandan Shillings (registration fee), and shall be paid before completing the application form. It should be paid through mobile money.

You need to apply and get an acceptance message from the technical school to participate in the introduction program. A maximum of 50 students shall start at the same time. We do not accept any student to start after that date.

The introduction program is four weeks. The training and lessons shall take place in Luweero. All practical training will be done from the site (Kasisol, Luweero). Different kind of work is included in the training (work on the land, making bricks, building, making tools). Some days there shall be sports activities that will take place at the end of the day’s program.

It is mandatory to follow the introduction weeks to be accepted at the technical school.

Costs and needs

The introduction program cost 60 000 Ugandan Shillings for all four weeks. It shall be paid after you have been accepted to the program. This money shall cater for the teaching and training. This does not cover the students transport and food.


Who can apply?

Any person can apply to follow the introduction program. If the number of applicants is more than 50, we have to select among the applicants.


How we select among the applicants (how we make the priority list):


  1. The most important for the applicant is that he or she wants practical skills. We want students that has a wish to learn practical skills and want to certify the skills.

  2. The second we look for is if the applicant has done any practical work before applying.

  3. The third we look for is the theoretical skills equivalent to English and Mathematics on lower secondary school (O-level), Grade C (better than 6.99). If an applicant does not  fill this requirement, he can still apply. During the study, we will ensure that he or she will reach that level.

Where to apply?

You can apply for the program form our internetpage. You have to apply before the deadline.

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