Nobel Knowledge Building (NKB) is funded on an idea of giving skills to people. Education in all levels are important. The better skills and knowledge a person acquires, the better he can take care of his life and contribute more to the development of the country.


It is important with different skills.Practical skills are needed to develop a country. NKB will provide education on various levels. 


Primary school

Secondary school, practical orientation

  • Skilled worker assistant

  • Certified skilled worker Uganda level

  • Certified skilled worker European level

University level

  • Certified skilled worker European level

  • Technical diploma

  • Engineering




Nobel Knowlegde Building (NKB) Uganda Ltd is registered in Uganda. 


The owners by January 2016:

Norsk Kompetansebygging AS

Mr Karl Skaar, Norway

Mr Kizza Seninde, Uganda

Mr Robert Katagazi, Uganda


The company is limited by shares, a for profit company. We belive that profit will contribute to make the company sustainable. 


Nobel Knowlegde Building is running a primary school in Bewyale and plan to set up a technical school in Luweero. 


Nobel Knowlegde Building cooperates with Norsk Kompetansebygging and HYHY.



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